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  • Untitled Toronto

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Printed on Premium 100% Recycled Paper. Size – 11.75″ x 15.5″


Tessar Lo

This is my dedication to the ever-changing, and growing being that is Toronto- within this city is an abundance of stories- in the old, and in making new stories, we have a chance to lose and find ourselves. Here are just some of the things that make Toronto a unique and cherished place for me.

In a room, after peeing out my window out of desperation, and filling what looked like my paintwater bucket, I sat by the ledge and saw large flowers creeping in.

The flowers’ stamen looked like small birds, but it was just stamena gradient of deep blue and a fading azure, they started to vibrate rapidly, almost violently–

Someone’s voice tells me this is will be short-lived, friends and family come by and I want to show them the flowers, but now they are just plain, white flowers with small strawberries among them–

Not able to share, I became sad and confused, not sure what was at stake still overwhelmed by what I just witnessed. 

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